Tracking Coronavirus with 9fin's Full Text Search

Coronavirus continues to cause chaos across global markets. At 9fin we've been using our document database to track what companies have been saying about COVID-19 in their disclosure. 

Below we've plotted the number of mentions of "Coronavirus" or "COVID-19" using our full text search feature. We've grouped the results by company, country, sector and industry. 

  • Clear uptake in mentions as the seriousness of the pandemic increases

  • On a company basis, Leonardo, Tenneco and Garrett top our mentions list 

  • Unsurprisingly Autos, Transport, Manufacturing and Gaming are all in the top 5 Industries

  • By country of risk, US companies have mentioned the disease most frequently. This is due to increased levels of disclosure in the US market via the SEC and more timely reporting of Q4 results by US listed businesses

  • Many European issuers will not report until mid next-month, nonetheless France, UK, Italy and Germany are unsurprisingly near the top of our mentions list

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