Jaguar Land Rover Coronavirus Update

Just a quick note on the revised Presentation released by Jaguar Land Rover tonight. 

This document was updated compared to the "Roadshow Presentation" released by the company on Friday. 

The most significant change is to flag that the company expects Coronavirus to disrupt its supply chain outside of China as well as within it. The Company also removed the end date of its Lunar New Year holiday of 2nd Feb. You can find both versions of the presentation on JLR's 9fin company profile

We've plotted Jaguar Land Rover's sites vs. confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the Globe on an interactive map here. The most obviously impacted site is the company's "Chery Jaguar Land Rover" JV. This is located near Shanghai where there have been 293 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with 44 people recovering and 1 death so far. 

We've also now tracked more than 38 documents which mention Coronavirus across HY reports, presentations and transcripts, you can see all mentions here using our full text search.