What’s 9fin?

We are the AI powered data platform for LevFin. We use technology to aggregate everything you need to analyse a leveraged finance credit in one place. That includes:

📊 Financials - Full 3 statements plus KPIs & segment splits

⚖️ Covenants - The market’s fastest legal analysis on primary deals

⚡Newsflow - First to market breaking news alerts

🤓 Analytics - More than 40 successful deal predictions to date

🏭 ESG - Red flags, including for private high yield issuers

plus much more….!

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Who uses 9fin anyway?

You’re in pretty good company.

Our clients include 7 of the top 10 Investment Banks in the world and Funds with more than €52bn of High Yield AUM. We also work with award winning PE, legal and advisory firms.

What type of content do you publish?

We publish FREE to read analysis from our platform on topical situations in the high yield bond, leveraged loan and distressed debt market.

We’re also known for spotting nerdy tidbits in boring bond docs…

For example we were the first in the world to spot the use of the term EBITDAC in high yield reporting.

Where have I heard of you before?

Our analysis is cited frequently by all major market publications.

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